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Professional barman in Carlisle cocktail bar hold serving trayEver considered applying to bartending school in Carlisle PA? We’ve got a list of the best courses in Pennsylvania and discuss the merits of a career in bartending. Many people are afraid to apply for bartending jobs because of misconceptions of what the profession is about. This article will clarify how bartending jobs are both lucrative and rewarding.

The first step will be removing some common misconceptions of bartending. Tending bar does not only fit people who are low on education. On the contrary, as a bartender, you will need to know proper sanitation processes and personal hygiene requirements. You will also have to know business concepts such as accounting and stocking and budgeting.

Finding the best schools

Opposite to what you may have heard bartending is not easy; you have to learn the skills in the right way and really be competent for you to get a good job offer. Many bars and restaurant will allow the bartenders to have a cheat sheet that they can refer to in the course of their jobs. This will allow you to avoid making mistakes with the drinks and cocktails that you serve on the bar. You still need to know your way around the bar and drinks. Such knowledge only comes from the best bartending schools.

Top Bartending Schools In Pennsylvania

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    Carlisle PA Bartending Classes

    Now that you are going to the school you will need to have realistic expectations on how long the training will last. Like any schools, bartending ones have different types of classes to suit the schedules of their students. You can choose long classes that will result to short course duration. You may also opt for short classes that are several days apart. This will allow you to have time for doing other things like attend to a present job when as you build your skills. You will not be done with schooling until the point of graduation.

    Pro Bartender Slams Drink Down

    Carlisle bartending can be a lot of fun!


    Besides the length of the course, you also need to look into the quality of the education that you will be getting. Be prepared to spend more so that you get the best preparation for your upcoming job. The right preparation separates you from the rest of the qualifying bar tenders. When you get a chance to do a demonstration in an interview, your better preparation will pay off as you out-skill other candidates.

    You may hear someone say that it is better to learn the job without going to school. The approach works for some occupations that are less competitive than bartending. Do not handicap your chances of getting a good job, just because you missed going to school and getting the best education.

    Carlisle Pennsylvania Information

    Issei Noodle
    based on 92 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Asian Fusion, Ramen
    54 W High St, Carlisle
    Cafe Bruges
    based on 105 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Belgian
    16 N Pitt St, Carlisle
    AYA Japanese Steakhouse
    based on 36 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Japanese
    235 S Spring Garden St, Carlisle
    Fay's Country Kitchen
    based on 41 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Breakfast & Brunch
    203 S Hanover St, Carlisle
    Gaia Fresh Food Cafe
    based on 14 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Juice Bars & Smoothies, Coffee & Tea, Cafes
    57 W Pomfret St, Carlisle
    based on 34 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Spanish, Tapas Bars, Moroccan
    26 N Hanover St, Carlisle
    Market Cross Pub & Brewery
    based on 72 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: American (Traditional), Breweries, Pubs
    113 N Hanover St, Carlisle
    based on 32 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Pizza, Italian, Seafood
    900 Cavalry Rd, Carlisle
    Hamilton Restaurant
    based on 36 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Hot Dogs, American (Traditional)
    55 W High St, Carlisle
    Redd's Smokehouse BBQ
    based on 40 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Barbeque, Caterers
    109 N Hanover St, Carlisle
    Middlesex Diner
    based on 47 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Diners
    1803 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle
    North Hanover Grille
    based on 26 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: American (New), Chicken Wings
    37 N Hanover St, Carlisle
    Helena's Chocolate Cafe & Creperie
    based on 31 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Creperies, Coffee & Tea, Cafes
    46 W High St, Carlisle
    Chen's Asian Restaurant
    based on 34 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Chinese, Sushi Bars
    310 N Hanover St, Carlisle
    Boiling Springs Tavern
    based on 22 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: American (New)
    1 E 1st St, Boiling Springs
    Scalle's Restaurant
    based on 17 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Beer, Wine & Spirits
    2 York Rd, Carlisle
    Mt. Fuji
    based on 27 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Japanese, Sushi Bars
    149 N Hanover St, Carlisle
    Momma Spriggs
    based on 25 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: American (New), Comfort Food
    160 York Rd, Carlisle
    Domino's Pizza
    based on 5 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches
    200 S Spring Garden St, Ste 4, Carlisle
    Rustic Tavern
    based on 26 reviews - read reviews
    Categories: Seafood, Steakhouses
    823 Newville Rd, Carlisle

    The bartender school exposes you to the tricks of the trade. You learn from experts and industry leaders. After your graduation, you will be able to deal with every drink that is available in a bar or restaurant. It can be beer, liquor, wines and cocktails. School will also help you build your confidence, business acumen and people skills. This extra empowerment programs will enable you to deliver remarkable customer service in every setting that you choose to work in.

    What Do Carlisle Bartenders Make?

    This is a common question for anyone going into a new job. Bartenders don’t make that much – $8 to $10 per hour is common. But remember, you’re getting tips as well. So the hourly salary isn’t that important to most barmen. If you work in a busy bar you could expect another $1 per drink/beer, and if you’re serving eight drinks per hour your tips will actually double your base salary! So it’s more important to find a good bar with lots of patrons than getting a dollar or two higher base hourly pay. More salary info here:

    Bartender Salary

    How much do you earn

    Pennsylvania Bartending License

    The only way to have repeat business in the bar and restaurant industry is by being spectacular in customer relationships. Bartending is an opportunity for you to do that and be a valuable member of your organization. If you become really good at bartending, that if after you attend a bartending school, then you will have earned yourself a license to operate anywhere in the world. Your skills both on the drinks and with people will make you recession proof. All you will need to do is change jobs or negotiate for better terms, since your services will be in demand. Most states require bartenders to be licensed, so make sure your school prepares you so you’ll get the diploma at the end.

    Other tips for Bartending School

    • Commonly a full course in bartending will take forty hours. If you squeeze the hours tightly, you can get over the course in two weeks. If that is not the case, then you may take as much as three months.
    • Do not make the mistake that other make, but taking internships and industry work attachments then assuming that you have already graduated.
    • Many bartending schools start out with the purpose of selling courses and training programs. Some of them go overboard in their quest to get new students annually. Their marketing zeal should be a reason for your failure to join. In fact, the competitive situation works in your favor, allowing you to get to the school that best fits your day schedule and study preferences.
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